Miss Poco 292 (Twidget)

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Miss Poco 292 (Twidget)

Photo Credit: Tanja Schneider Photography

Twidget was born at the famous Perkins Ranch, in Tyler, TX and bred by the legendary Quarter Horse man himself, Frank Perkins.  We are so very honoured to own a mare of this calibre, and are very thankful to Ryan Smith and Judy Fleetwood at Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses for allowing us to own her.  She is a gorgeous mare - taller than our traditional foundation stock with a "ranchy" build, good wither, and plenty of bone.  She boasts just over 28% Poco Bueno blood, and even has him right on her papers.  She is also a grandson of AQHA Champion Mr Sun O' Lena.

So why is she registered appendix?  Because several generations back, you will find Thoroughbred race stallion Mito Paint.  Despite this, she is probably the most foundation-bred Appendix Quarter Horse you will ever find!

Twidget was sold as a filly to another famous ranch, the Galt Ranch in Montana, and was broke to ride and was a ranch horse there.  Some of Twidget's training was recorded for Animal Planet's "The Last American Cowboy".  Apparently, the film crew was quite disappointed by the lack of "broncy" moments during her training, so her footage fell victim to the cutting room floor.


Check out the pedigree:


**Twidget is a carrier for GBED, a genetic disease.  The gene is recessive, meaning that there must be 2 copies to produce disease (and the disease kills 100% of all foals within 10 days, so they cannot reproduce).  All fillies born will be tested for carrying the GBED gene, and all colts will need to be GBED N/N before being allowed to stay as stallions.