2022 Electric Gunplay x Silver Prime - Serendipity

  • Filly
2022 Electric Gunplay x Silver Prime - Serendipity

Electra's high-anticipated first foal came in 2022 and it's a filly!


Serendipity is by Silver Prime, a homozygous silver bay stallion who stood at Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses before being exported to Germany.  The Silver gene is a dominant gene that modifies black-coloured hair to a light tone that is very eye-catching.  You're sure to get noticed riding a horse with this colour modifier!  The true selling-points of the Silver Line of Quarter Horses however are their sensibility and their user-friendly demeanor, which has a strong tendency to be passed down from generation to generation.  The Silver horses are durable, possess high intelligence and are a general pleasure to be around.


Seri demonstrates a medium-to-high level of silver expression, and also has her dam's rabicano pattern of white hairs on the top of her tail.  Seri is an exceptionally feminine yearling, and has a confidence and willingness worthy of her lineage.


5-panel N/N by parentage


Check out the pedigree:  Playin In Silver Quarter Horse (allbreedpedigree.com)