2023 Electric Gunplay x Playboys Heartbreaker

Image #0(2023 Electric Gunplay x Playboys Heartbreaker)

Electra outdid herself with her 2023 foal by our herd stallion Jager!  Another filly.


Firestar is muscular and confident.....and sold about an hour after we posted her for sale on our Facebook page!  Fear not, we will be repeating this cross for the foreseeable future.  This filly is gorgeous and has an outstanding pedigree - she has Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol and Playgun on the face of her papers.  In fact, she carries just over 20% Freckles Playboy/Miss Silver Pistol blood, and just over 18% Playgun blood.


Congratulations to Tianna Johnson from Okotoks on your purchase of this filly!


5-panel N/N by parentage


Check out the pedigree here:   Firestar Quarter Horse (allbreedpedigree.com)

2019 - Guns Make Me Shiver (Duke)

Image #0(2019 - Guns Make Me Shiver (Duke))

Photo credit: Ryan Fleetwood

June 2019 brought us a burly, growthy sorrel colt who caught everyone's attention from day 1.  A son of Shiver Shake out of our mare Chex a Gun, he was just everything we could have hoped to produce.  "Duke" is full of confidence and daring, yet is kind, and wanting to please.  Duke sold to Meredith O'Neill, from Prince Edward Island, who wants to keep him a stallion, and hopefully start him in Western Dressage.  Congratulations Meredith for having such a good eye and snapping up this colt!

Pedigree: https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/guns+make+me+shiver

5-panel nn by parentage

2018 - Secret Yuletide Love (Stormy) - Playboys Heartbreaker x Prettysmartandsweet

Image #0(2018 - Secret Yuletide Love (Stormy) - Playboys Heartbreaker x Prettysmartandsweet)

Stormy is a sweet-tempered filly who loves to run.  We hit the colour jackpot on her, with her dam's cream gene and sire's dun factor making her Dunalino.  She is the second foal by our stallion Jager, and her personality suggests that Jager will successfully pass along his outstanding willingness and calm mind to his offspring.  She is 6-panel tested and N/N all-around.


Pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/secret+yuletide+love


Stormy sold to a woman in Cochrane, AB.  Congratulations Sarah!

2017 - Dunokforasmartchick (Scarlet) - Dun It OK x DD Smart Chick

Image #0(2017 - Dunokforasmartchick (Scarlet) - Dun It OK x DD Smart Chick)

Scarlet is striking and she knows it.  She inherited her sire's gorgeous head and neck - you can definitely see the Hollywood Dun It influence, and her dam's "not a single stitch of white anywhere" coat.  This girl likes to prance around the pasture, lifting her tail like an Arabian.  Congratulations to Leigh Bilsky for being the one who gets to take her home at the end of the night!

Scarlet is 5-panel N/N by parentage.

Pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/dunokforasmartchick

2020 - Hickory Sundance Kid (Sundancer)

Image #0(2020 - Hickory Sundance Kid (Sundancer))

If you're looking for a calm, non-reactive colt with nice, straight legs and great feet, this is your guy!  There are so many great horses on Sundancer's pedigree:  Docs Hickory (who also shows up just one off the papers), Freckles Playboy, Miss Silver Pistol, Jaz Poco Goldun Blue and Little Steel Dust.  Just off his papers, there's also Classy Little Lena and Colonel Freckles.  Sundancer has taken on every new learning opportunity with a casual attitude.  Halter training and Farrier training really were a breeze, and we expect most new things to be easy for this colt - he is very simply a pure pleasure to be around.  Bonus for those who are more 'traditional' in their markings preferences:  this sorrel colt has minimal white - only a few hairs on his forehead.

Five-Panel N/N by parentage.


Hickory Sundance Kid Quarter Horse (allbreedpedigree.com)


2020 - Poco Prairie King (Geronimo)

Image #0(2020 - Poco Prairie King (Geronimo))

After a long 3-year wait, Twidget finally gave us a colt!  By our stallion Jager, Geronimo is a Red Dun with very strong dun factor, as shown by the numerous neck stripes and heavy darkness on his withers.  This colt is muscular and powerful, curious and inquisitive, with a very typey head and eye - he almost looks like a Ranch Horse's body was attached to an Arabian's head.  He makes us laugh almost daily with his antics.  The keyword is Mischievous with a capital 'M' but thankfully he is super friendly and outgoing.  He is the kind that tries to get every and any horse to play with him, and always wants you to be paying attention to him.  Geronimo carries just over 20% Poco Bueno blood - an increasingly rare percentage in this day and age!



Full pedigree:

Poco Prairie King Quarter Horse (allbreedpedigree.com)